WAGs Boutique

GLASGOW, UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 28: Steve Sidwell of Chelsea during the pre-season friendly match between Glasgow Rangers and Chelsea, held at Ibrox Park, on July 28, 2007 in Glasgow, (Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)
The ITV2 reality TV show WAGs Boutique winners have been announced and Krystell Sidwell, WAG to Steven Sidwell, was named the most popular WAG.

In the series, competing WAG boutiques Bows and Better Half played off against each other to raise funds for charity. As the winning boutique, Bows was rewarded with the profits from both boutiques and donated £362,529.88 to its chosen charity – Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The Format of WAGs Boutique

The show has given WAGs the opportunity to demonstrate that they have abilities beyond shopping and socialising. Tasks included deciding on a boutique name, decorating boutiques themselves and choosing every item to be sold. With limited help and advice from their mentors, they managed all aspects of their boutiques themselves.

The Members of WAGs Boutique

Team One called themselves Bows. The team was made up of the following five WAGs:

  • Krystell Sidwell, married to Steve Sidwell for more than a year and with son Harry, is the WAGs Boutique winner.
  • Julie Phillips, wife of Kevin Phillips. There were rumours of an affair with a local man while Kevin was playing for Southampton.
  • Madeleine Bowden, who sings, dances and plays piano for an all-girl group called RockerBaby. She is WAG to Justin Hoyte.
  • Michaela Henderson-Thynne, who had her WAG status removed by Stewart Downing during the running of the show. She is currently in her third year studying law at Northumbria University and wants to be a barrister.
  • Nicola T, girlfriend of Bobby Zamora. She is in talks with Great Ormond Street to carry on producing the popular GOSH hoodies created during the show.

The members for Team Two, known as Better Half, were the following WAGs:

  • Charlotte Mears, a model, is the fiancée of Jermain Defoe. He proposed to her while WAGs Boutique was still airing.
  • Jadene Bircham is married to Marc Bircham. She became pregnant during the show.
  • Cassie Sumner is a glamour model and associated with Michael Essien. She was de-WAGed during the showing of WAGs Boutique when a spokesman for Michael Essien stated that Cassie was not his wife or girlfriend.
  • Elle Isaac is the girlfriend of Paul Ifill. Elle is in the process of opening a boutique named Romelle in Brighton.
  • Heather Swan is a model and actress. She is the fiancée of Michael Chopra. After being together for almost seven years, they are getting married later this summer.