WAGs Wives and Girlfriends

Originally, we thought of WAGs as the wives and girlfriends of the England national football team. That has started to change though. WAGs are now found in cricket as CWAGs, in tennis as WWAGs (Wimbledon WAGs), and even associating with the Royals as RAGs (Royals & Girlfriends). Apart from being celebrity “better halves”, WAGs are most famous for setting fashion trends and generating celebrity gossip.

Famous WAGs

Although most WAGs are famous because of their partners, some wives and girlfriends have found fame in their own right. Here are some famous WAGs:

  • Victoria Beckham, wife of footballer David Beckham, has recently gone brunette in preparation for the highly anticipated Spice Girls reunion world tour.
  • Coleen McLoughlin, footballer Wayne Rooney’s fiancée, is a columnist, fashion guru, author of Welcome to My World and is reportedly set to sign a five-novel book deal with publishers HarperCollins.
  • Sharon Osbourne, housewife superstar of Ozzy Osbourne, former Black Sabbath frontman, is a successful businesswoman.
  • Alex Curran, wife of footballer Steven Gerrard, is a columnist for The Daily Mirror and the latest WAG to release a perfume.

WAGs on TV

WAGs can be seen on TV screens in fiction and fact. In fiction, WAGs were the inspiration behind the famous ITV drama series, Footballer’s Wives. In the series, viewers get an idea of the influence that many wives and girlfriends have on their famous partners’ lives, including their dress sense and career moves.

The reality TV show WAGs Boutique provided a reality TV twist to the everyday lives of a few favourite (and not so favourite) WAGs. Two WAG teams got to compete against each other in the world of business and fashion. The prize? The winning WAG would get to design her own high street range of fashion. However, the winning WAG from series one, Krystell Sidwell, did not receive this prize. Instead, she was awarded a column in Reveal Magazine.

Books on WAGs

And if the tabloids, TV screens and celebrity gossip web sites are not enough for us to catch up on the lifestyles of famous wives and girlfriends, WAG followers can look forward to two WAGs novels written by Alison Kervin. The first, A WAG’s Diary, was released in October 2007; the second, A Wag’s Diary in LA, will be published in June 2008 as WAGs re-enter the social scene for the European Championships kick off.

The WAGs Board Game

For those WAG wannabes seeking a thrill from the comfort of their homes, Monopoly has brought out a special WAGs edition of the popular board game. Instead of buying streets and railway stations, players can splash out on hair salons, limousine firms and chic clothing stores costing from £30 to £200. The game is probably best played while indulging in celebrity gossip around the coffee table.